Styling Jeans

Little sunshine

Hi guys. Hope you all had a lovely monday! Mine was great, a lot of work but really funny.
So, these pictures are from saturday. I spent the day with my cousin and her amazing kid, and of course... we couldn't miss the opportunity to take some pictures.

Remember The Girl

Hey my lovers. So today's post is not about fashion, I'm sorry if that doesn't please you, but I had to do it.
I saw this amazing video made by Michelle Phan (I'm obsessed with her, such a beautiful girl!) and it made me wanna share it with you.
The least we can do is share it and break the silence about this kind of human abuse.
Those stories make me really sad and greatful at the same time. I'm so blessed for being able to live my life in peace and so full of love.
Unfortunatly not everyone has the same fortune, that's why we have to break the silence and stop looking away. The world is not a perfect place, yet, but we can get there!

Eyeliner and Bold Lipstick

Hi guys! First of all I want to apologize for the lack of posts. It's been really hard for me to post in the last weeks. When I have free time I just get cozy and watch all the movies I can. You probably don't know it but I'm obsessed with movies and series, they're my guilty pleasure.
Anyway, I'll be back as soon as possible, promise.
Today I'm gonna show you this two portraits I shoot. I'm redecorating my bedroom and I wanted new pictures. New bedroom requires new pictures!  

Red Coat

Hey beauties. It's getting really cold, and nothing better than get our coats (or buy new ones, if you wish so) and style them. I'm getting addicted to red, it looks super great with darker clothes. I know that everyone is getting pastel colors for fall/winter... Well, I'll get there too, but for now I'm just having fun with red.
And you guys, what's your fall/winter fashion addiction?